The name is Hillary. 22 years old. Happy. Blunt. Angry. Sad. Energetic.Driven. Emotional.Crazy. Loving. I will make it through even if it kills me.

what is "good pussy" serious question here








pussy that make u think about being a father

  • pussy that make you question whether you’re gonna pull out or not
  • pussy that makes you really think bout making her breakfast
  • pussy that makes you cancel your plans for the next day
  • pussy that makes you wanna be a better person
  • pussy that makes you think bout deleting the guys in her phone

pussy that taste like cornbread


alright seeing as how I didnt know this blew up lemme make some additions

  • pussy that make you wanna try and change your diet so you look better eating it
  • pussy that makes you wanna hit the gym so you hit it longer and not get tired
  • pussy that makes you irrationally jealous of any dude she talks about including her father for some damn reason
  • pussy that makes you so wreckless you’d talk back to your momma within arms distance from her in her own damn house
  • pussy that makes you really think about taking the time to start over your favorite anime and explaining everything to her
  • pussy that makes you question whether ball is life or not when your boys wanna play a pick up game but she sent you nudes while you lacing up


I like this


I have one of those…..

I started the day with plans. Like clockwork. Woke up, went to church, picnic, drove to pikes peak. Then someone asked me when it was dark outside if I was happy. I wasn’t. He had been playing this game with me for almost six months where we weren’t together because he didn’t trust me. I had lied and slept with someone else before we were exclusive. The past months we had been together but not together. I spent all my time and efforts trying to make him see me as a person and not my mistakes. After crying and arguing and fighting I left his house. Thinking that it was over. He had told me that it was too hard for him to give me his heart because it was locked away and broken. I was devastated thinking that I had wasted all this time waiting for him to at least try to be with me. When I got home I received a call from him asking if he could come over. He said we needed to talk and weigh out our options. I agreed and waited for him to come over until midnight. When he got there he laid on my chest and looked up at me with remorse. He kissed me more passionately than he ever had before and we had the most incredible sex. When it was over I laid next to him and he held me for what felt like an eternity.
Then said, “Hillary, you know I love Evee right?” I said, “I know you do.” “So I have a very important question to ask you…..will you be my girlfriend?”

That was it. I couldn’t ask for a better man for myself and my daughter. Here’s to hopefully many happy months and years as a couple.

"I promise to love you:

at 6am when you’re waking to go to work, to school, or whatever road life takes you on, and when you didn’t sleep well, your hair is a mess, and your eyes are sleepy.

at 8am when we say goodbye for the day and you’re rushing out the door with a cup of tea and your car keys in the other hand.

at 5pm when you’re exhausted from the day and people have worn you out and you feel like crying, and falling asleep and escaping from everything. I will kiss your forehead, and wrap myself in your arms.

at 10pm when you’re heading to bed, even though you won’t sleep for hours. Especially when we become a human knot wrapped up in sheets and kisses.

at 3am when loneliness and sadness do not destroy you, but consume you and when you weep without an explanation, I’ll kiss your lips softly and tell you you’re the absolute best and that things will be better soon

I will love you when you grow old, and I will love you after that. I will love you if I’m no longer here. I will love you, I will love you, and I will love you."

- I Promise To Love You Forever (via iamcharliesangel)

(Source: -poetic, via wonderfullyylostt)